Beyond Terra: Moon-Landing Special

Is our future among the stars? Will we ever live on the alien surface of an asteroid, moon or planet? What are the implications of privatised space exploitation?

This week, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Tom hurls a 4 billion-year-old Odessa meteorite fragment at Will. Weuse it to tell the story of down-on-her-luck Australian mining tycoon, Shirl Basset. She's hired by a disruptive space exploration company, Beyond Terra, and put in charge of a bold asteroid-capture mission.

In her way stands Deacon Cutter, the ruthless leader of a rival company's team with his finger on a nuclear trigger.

Beyond Terra - The Speculation Station Podcast Moon-Landing Special - Meteorite Fragment.jpg

A Very Southern Murder

What would you do to secure your family's future? What if your inheritance was dirty money? Would you take the money or keep it at arm's length?

This week, Will puts a Stetson cowboy hat on Tom's head and we tell the story of the Southern Ruckston oil dynasty, a feuding family with a dying patriarch. Siblings squabble over the family estate and the future of the Ruckston Oil Empire. When his family members start dying, the black sheep of the family, Buck Ruckston has to step up to prevent a bloodbath.

A Very Southern Murder - The Speculation Station Podcast - Episode 22 - Stetson Cowboy Hat.JPG

The Game Of Lies

Would you risk your life in a deadly game of chance if winning meant riches beyond your wildest dreams? What if your future depended on lying your way into a high-stakes gambling tournament deep in the desert?

This Week, Tom rolls Will a 12-sided Dice and we tell the story of Jacqueline Du Mort, a professional gambler on the run, who gets roped into a dangerous heist in a secret casino beneath the Arabian desert. She gets tangled up in an international conspiracy, faces enemies on both sides and is forced to confront her own loyalties. 

The Game Of Lies - The Speculation Station - Episode 21 - 12-sided Dice.JPG