A Very Southern Murder

What would you do to secure your family's future? What if your inheritance was dirty money? Would you take the money or keep it at arm's length?

This week, Will puts a Stetson cowboy hat on Tom's head and we tell the story of the Southern Ruckston oil dynasty, a feuding family with a dying patriarch. Siblings squabble over the family estate and the future of the Ruckston Oil Empire. When his family members start dying, the black sheep of the family, Buck Ruckston has to step up to prevent a bloodbath.

A Very Southern Murder - The Speculation Station Podcast - Episode 22 - Stetson Cowboy Hat.JPG

Diamonds Without Borders

What if you uncovered a terrible family secret? What if an eccentric relative launched you on a mysterious adventure around the world? Would you stop to question why?

This week, Will and Tom jet off on an adventure when Will flashes his leather-bound passport. We use it to tell the story of Menzies Wainwright who, after inheriting his grandfather's fortune, embarks on a globe-trotting voyage, unearthing his family's dark past.

Diamonds Without Borders - The Speculation Station - E18 - Passport.png